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Accredited investors who qualify may consider investments in oil and gas production or drilling programs.  The benefits of this type of investment:

  • Diversification and potential hedge against inflation
  • Potential for above average returns based partly on higher energy prices and limited supply of domestic energy resources
  • Potential for a wide array of tax benefits - consult your CPA
  • Professional management of your investment
  • Residual income potential
  • Participation in an energy revolution happening in our own country

Why Texas Oil Investments, LLC


We invest in oil and gas production and drilling opportunities in the rapidly developing Texas energy industry.  We apply the latest in hydraulic fracing technology to increase production of marginally producing leases.  We seek out both oil and gas producing leases with development and reconditioning opportunities.  We utilize our in-house operator, Minuteman Energy LLC to manage our energy leases.  Our management team has years of experience and a proven track record of success. Investment in oil and gas production and drilling is inherently risky and should only be considered by accredited investors who have thoroughly reviewed all investment documents including the private placement memorandums. 


For more information, accredited investors with a minimum of $200,000 in annual income the past two years or $300,000 in joint income or one million dollars in assets outside your primary homestead should contact us for more information.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is not an offer to sell a security or a general solicitation; an offer to sell a security only may be made by a private placement memorandum to relationship based sophisticated and or accredited investors where permitted by law. The purpose of this website is for general information research purposes. By submitting this request form you are confirming that we have not generally solicited you directly or indirectly whatsoever to invest in any oil and gas prospect; you agree to be sent additional information and/or contacted by phone by an oil and gas company. Website content is not meant to be considered financial and/or investment advice.

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